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Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Hi my name is Sruti from Purposefully Coaching. Today I am going to share with you some pivotal moments in my life which led to uncovering my purpose and setting up a coaching practice to help others do the same and meet theirs.
From since I can remember, I always wanted to help others in a meaningful way though at times I lacked the focus and clarity on how to do this. From a young age, I knew how important it was to be kind and compassionate to others though due to certain life experiences growing up I struggled sometimes to be kind and compassionate to myself. I was also following a notion of success that was well known rather then understanding what I really wanted and as a result feeling unhappy with certain things that were happening in my life. However, I didn't fully grasp the level of accountability that I needed to take for my actions and what I needed to do in my life in order to turn those things around.
This continued for a couple of years until things got worse and in mid 2013 I embarked on my journey of befriending depression and anxiety. Now I use befriending intentionally as that is what I needed to do to get to the stage that I am now, however, as you can imagine in the beginning it was very messy, excruciating painful and I fought against it to my own detriment at times
For me this was the time where I had to fully embrace the negative states that I was experiencing in order to build the courage to live a more positive life. One of the things I tried was counselling which gave me a safe environment to explore my fears, feelings and obstacles in front of a non judgmental professional. Others were pursuing the disciplines of meditation, mindfulness, NLP and developing a positive coaching mindset. I was determined to get better and change my life for the better.
A well renowned coach Laura Whitworth differentiates between the worried unwell which I was then and the worried well which I am most predominately now and states that coaching is most suited for the worried well. So who are the worried well?
The worried well are those people that have dreams, ambition and drive though also have concerns, fears, delimiting beliefs that they have been carrying with them, sometimes for quite some time and are seeking help to bridge the gap between their present and future. And what a great way coaching does this.
It proclaims that the client is the expert on themselves which they truly are and the coach is experienced on the coaching process. With great rapport, transparency and positivity a powerful coaching relationship can be created which then leads the client to reach what they once thought was impossible and turn it to I'm possible. For myself being coached has helped me understand my true calling which is to help others feel unstuck and follow their dreams. It has helped me uncover my true values as a coach which are kindness, respect and embracing vulnerability and this is the approach I take into each coaching session.
With these in mind I have been able to coach clients from all walks of life, with different dreams and aspirations. One of the main contributors of their success will be whether they believe they are good enough or not and I have had to work on that over the years so I do not shy away from asking questions such as : what is the belief costing you? or what evidence do you have that this is true for you now?. With such questions the client can have that clarity and make an commitment towards the changes they need to make. Whether it is prioritizing high value tasks, creating a vision for their business, building on their self confidence or meeting their ideal goal weight. I hope this has been insightful, thank you for you support :)

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