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A week of not using my mobile phone during the first hour of my day…

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Can how you spend your first hour really impact the rest of your day?

For those who do not know, I like to learn something new every day within the topic of self-development. This can be from listening to pod casts, reading books, to viewing interviews where self-development experts share their journey of self-mastery in order to live a purposeful life. Some of these ideas and teachings that are shared fall into the not now ! category for me. I am sure that is the case for you to at times to. Now this can be for various reasons, we might find the information shared interesting though not see the relevance of it within our lives. Alternatively, we might underestimate the value of making a small change and believe we always have to make big strides, not realising that a series of small changes are what make us shift to the person we want to be and the life we want to live.

This was the case for me every time I came across the idea of not checking my mobile phone when I first woke up. Checking my phone first thing made great sense to me, I use my phone to set my morning alarm on, if my family and friends need to contact me, they would do so on my phone.

Though what were the benefits of checking various social media handles and my emails thereafter? Was I not losing the opportunity to set my own intentions for the day. Was I choosing instead to react to the intentions of others within the first hour of my waking day?

The experts would say yes!

Jay Shetty whose mission is to make wisdom viral in the world regularly talks about a ‘digital detox’ and ‘how he locks his phone in his car at night and uses a real alarm clock to wake up’.

Robin Sharma who is well known for the 5am club proclaims how ‘magical things happen within us when we get away from the world’ for short periods of time.

So why not me?

I was waking up feeling stressed and had realised that spending more time on my phone than needed was depleting my energy even more. I needed to cultivate practices which made me feel more energised and set me up for a successful day. The first couple of days were great, I would wake up scan my texts for anything urgent and then just put my phone away. I would then spend some time breathing mindfully or thinking intentionally about what I was grateful for. These practices made me feel more settled and at peace within myself.

The challenge came midweek when I was telling my work friends about it, they were intrigued, took it well and one of them even had a banter with me to see if their texts would fall into the urgent or important category for me. They already knew the answer to their question, for those who are aware of the priortisation matrix you might find this amusing like I did.

However, when I was thinking about this conversation afterwards, doubt came into my mind and I started thinking of ‘what if’ scenarios. What if I missed something urgent on social media? What if someone really needed my help and I didn’t get back to them on time?

So, the following morning, I slipped into the old routine which strengthened the insight that I had when wanting to make this change. I already knew that anyone who did need to contact me if something was urgent would know how to do this and that I really needed to commit towards this change for myself.

The benefits so far?

· I am choosing gratefulness over scarcity from the start of my day.

· I am feeling less stressed and more mindful during the day.

· I can let go of yesterday with more ease and be more hopeful for the day ahead.

· I can contemplate what is bothering me when I wake up rather numbing it by technology.

Considering the benefits, I will definitely been carrying on with this habit and incorporating more beneficial practices to my morning ritual.

What are some of the empowering things that you do within your morning ritual?

Leave a comment below :)

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