Manisha Champaneri, Professional Hair and Makeup Artist

During the 9 months working with Sruti she has consistently brought valuable insights and techniques. Sruti profession to ensure I am accountable for my actions and to challenge the choices I have made has transformed my thought processes and the techniques I employ to my business, ensuring my time is only spent on high value areas. I am now in control and own the direction of where we are going and have implanted into the business the tools required to ensure success. I have now dramatically improved my work and life balance, Thank you Sruti xx

Yasmine Khan,

Workplace Steward

Sruti is an amazing life coach. She helped me build a vision for myself which enabled me to look at the negatives in a positive light and make every situation work for me. Having worked with her, I definitely would go to her again..xxx

Natan Chauhan, Building Valuation and Energy Assesor

Sruti Is an amazing coach. She really listens to you and helps you reach the goal that you're striving for. I own a business that offers Energy Performance Certificates for clients. With Sruti’s help  I’ve been able to attract more clients.
Sruti has given me the tools I need to prioritise and understand my own goals and how to reach them.


Sunny Mistry, Learning and Development Consultant

Purposefully Coaching offers a wonderful personalised service through helping you to seek and persevere with aiming to reach your goals, whether personal or professional. I found the coaching sessions from Sruti to be highly valuable, mind searching and extremely powerful in helping me to reach exactly what I had set out to achieve, both short term and now long term. Thank you to Purposefully Coaching, you helped me believe in myself.

Mary Sesani, Accountant

I worked with Sruti while on our Coach training journey with The Coaching Academy. I learned a lot from the professional way in which she conducted her coaching sessions and as she is open to sharing ideas. Sruti is indeed a great professional Coach who is supportive, understanding, establishes rapport and will help you set clear goals and work towards achieving them

Julie Hemmings, Grow Zone Coach

I worked with Sruti to overcome some long-term habits that I had begun to find restricting. I was putting pressure on myself to achieve targets for chores at home which echoed the targets I had at work. We worked together to differentiate between time/jobs/tasks at work and during time off. We came up with strategies that enabled me to have the organisation at home that I needed without it becoming a second equally pressured job. This has resulted in me feeling much more relaxed at home and because I can now relax more effectively, a lot less stressed at work. Sruti guided and encouraged me and helped me find my own answers which was really important. I now have new and more positive task based habits which have enhanced my life. I thoroughly recommend her as a coach